currypanda has posted 'heya bubs, would you delete my account please? i dont see how i delete it myself xo' on HugoBOSSs profile
28th December at 15:10
currypanda started the topic Sashimi Saturday on the funky forums
20th November at 02:59
morphine i really can't remember! been trying to. it might've been raggle or something.
but anyway...a week on 7 hours sleep. that sounds like my previous life absolutely shite, dunno how you managed that!? :\

ahhh this is indeed quite true, but there are different level of pervertion and some are not so acceptable. i'm just a perve with my eyeballs.

have a good dayyyy.
4th November at 08:50
currypanda has posted 'oh my days! really? what was your original username?! it wasnt danovixen or something was it?! my friggin memory fails me! sorry

it was a bitch at times- working for a week straight on 7hrs sleep.. no joke. but seeing it bombing down the catwalk is a smug feeling which i love. but i had dossile days too

indeed everyones a perve.. on the surface or deep down :|' on
morphines profile
4th November at 01:34
morphine oh wow, go you! that does sound rather awesome, do you enjoy it? lots of hard work but it's always worth it if it's something you like.
dudeeee i know, i'm not bothered really i just really do wonder at the state of men's minds. also i am quite a perv don't you worry about that, i just keep it to myself...

you were on my myspace many a year ago. i remember yooooou, mwahhaa.
3rd November at 17:25
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