Mindjack  Gaming Reviews
Release Date: 21st January 2011
Format: PS3, Xbox 360
Age Rating: 16
Funky Review:


MINDJACK offers a unique gameplay experience that throws players into a revolutionary field where an engaging solo campaign transitions seamlessly into a thrilling, cooperative multiplayer experience.

Players can chose to disrupt or help the host by playing as either an ally or enemy and hack into soldiers, civilians, or mechanical bionic creatures.

Enter the futuristic world of MINDJACK and experience mind bending action and a hugely immersive storyline. 

MINDJACK…. Your mind is not your own. 

Sophie-x- United Kingdom 2010-12-28 00:16:09

Lmao this is so weird. :')

roadie United Kingdom 2011-01-18 14:03:26

Nah thanks will stick to final fantasy

gillied United Kingdom 2011-01-18 22:41:03

Looks very odd

roadie United Kingdom 2011-01-24 20:47:43

Had another look at this, and have not changed my mind, looks like dross

FunkyAndy United Kingdom 2011-05-20 22:09:29

Played this awhile ago and really wasn't impressed at all.... played it twice for a fair few hours each time hoping it would get better, then sold it straight away. Very cheesey and the gameplay was very very poor!! each to their own but ide rather play crysis 2, halo reach or mass effect 2 :) rant over lol

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