shibz Funky has gone so shit now compared to how it was back in the day! Bring back the old funky and their members!!!
24th April at 11:01
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27th February at 09:24
shibz Please dont post dumb shit on my page. Im not gonna contact you on your personal accout, send you a bunch of lovely emails and pictures, fall in love with you and send you money!!! im not that fukin stupid!!!
29th October at 01:04
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27th October at 18:50
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4th June at 02:37
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A little about shibz
Name shibz shibz
Gender Male
Birthday 4th April
Age 26
Status Single
Sexuality Straight
Funky points 1141
Country United Kingdom
Location london
Profession Working
Date joined 2010-10-31 02:54:40
Last active 2014-04-11 16:39:18
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